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Free QR Barcode Scanner – Scan and Create QR Codes

Are you looking for a quick and robust QR scanner? If yes, then this free QR barcode scanner can be of great use to you. QR Scanner: Barcode Scanner is an app that not only lets you scan QR codes and barcodes but also generate customized QR codes for various purposes. It offers a robust set of features that extend beyond basic scanning functionality. The app supports multiple types of barcodes, ensuring compatibility with diverse code formats. Additionally, the app integrates seamlessly with other applications, enabling you to open scanned URLs or initiate relevant actions directly. Moreover, it allows you to create QR codes for website links, YouTube videos, texts, and much more. Thanks to the clear instructions and prompts, this app is accessible for users of all tech proficiencies.
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QR Scanner: Barcode Scanner has a clean and intuitive user interface, presenting you with a simple yet effective design. The home screen prominently features the scanning function, ensuring quick access to the app's primary purpose. This app’s color scheme is easy on the eyes, with a balanced use of contrasting colors that aids in clear visibility of buttons and instructions. The scanning interface itself is responsive, with a live camera feed for real-time QR code detection. You have the option to adjust the scanning frame, which allows you to focus on specific codes with precision. One of the standout attributes of this free QR barcode scanner is its user-friendly nature. The scanning process is intuitive, and first-time users can navigate through the app with minimal guidance.
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The true test of any free QR barcode scanner lies in its scanning performance. QR Scanner: Barcode Scanner excels in this department, delivering swift and accurate scans even in varying lighting conditions. It offers you the option to use the flashlight of the phone’s camera to make the QR or barcode more visible. The app supports a wide range of QR codes, including those with complex designs or embedded information. It also has the ability to decode barcodes from images stored in the device's gallery. This proves invaluable when you come across QR codes in printed material or screenshots, allowing for flexibility in scanning methods. Moreover, QR Scanner's speed in processing information is commendable, providing near-instantaneous results. The inclusion of a history tab to review past scans enhances the overall user experience.
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QR Scanner: Barcode Scanner exhibits high reliability and stability in daily use. The app rarely crashes or experiences glitches, contributing to a seamless scanning experience. Updates from the development team are regular and address any reported issues promptly, showcasing a commitment to maintaining the app's performance. One noteworthy aspect is the app's low resource consumption, ensuring it runs smoothly even on devices with modest specifications. The lightweight nature of this free QR barcode scanner makes it an ideal choice for users looking for a reliable scanning solution without compromising on device performance. Security is a paramount concern when dealing with QR codes, as they often contain sensitive information. QR Scanner addresses this concern by incorporating privacy features, such as the ability to disable URL previews and providing you control over when and how information is accessed.


  • Clean and intuitive user interface
  • Simple design and layout
  • Scan multiple types of barcodes and QR codes
  • Create QR codes for various types of data
  • History tab to review past scans


QR Scanner: Barcode Scanner is an app for people who are looking for a tool to extract information from QR codes and barcodes. It allows you to scan and decode multiple types of barcodes and QR codes and also lets you create QR codes of your own. It is a free QR barcode scanner worth having on your phone if you are looking for a versatile and efficient scanning solution.

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